Junior League directly impacts our community. Our outreach programs are designed to provide maximum benefit to our communities through our league volunteers, community partnerships, and direct financial support.

Collage of photographs from events we hosted this year.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Gandhi

What is Community Impact?

Community impact is the lasting result of initiatives that enhance people’s quality of life through improvements in the conditions and environments that govern how people live, work and play.

The Junior League’s primary purpose is to develop the potential of its members so that they can perform effective voluntary service and civic leadership in their communities. The community initiatives undertaken by Leagues, therefore, should fully utilize the capabilities of these trained volunteers by producing positive, long-lasting effects on the individuals who participate in or are served by these activities and on the wider community.

Community initiatives have genuine impact when they mobilize, empower, and equip community stakeholders to undertake long-term solutions that build on the community’s assets, including the talents and diversity of its people. This means not only delivering strategies, including direct service, capacity building and advocacy approaches that bring about measurable outcomes on a defined issue(s), but also striving , through cross-sector collaborations to complement other efforts and fill gaps in service delivery.

An Issue-based community impact (IBCI) approach provides Leagues with the platform to effect lasting change in our communities and to develop the leadership skills and knowledge of our members. Issue-based community impact has a positive effect on member engagement. League members who feel they are learning about issues and making a lasting difference in their communities also tend to feel a deeper connection with the League and to participate more fully in the League’s internal and external activities.

–From “Achieving Community Impact: Creating Lasting Change for Healthier Communities,” by Vicki Clark, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

Community Advisory Board

Providing guidance, support and feedback to the Junior League of Gainesville on community need and impact.

Rachael Channing
Susan Crowley
Dr. Nancy Hardt
Jacki Levine
Adam Lee
Dan Mixson
Barzella Papa
Melanie Shore
Sheila Spence