Why Join JLG

Members Helping Members

The Junior League of Gainesville is not only committed to improving the Gainesville community, but also to caring for its members. Our member outreach committee, formerly known as Leaguers in Need of Kindness, has created multiple programs geared toward developing the potential of our League members, as well as programs aimed at helping members in need.

All programs are included as part of your Junior League of Gainesville membership.

Transfer Program:
As with any life-changing event, we recognize the challenges associated with relocating to unfamiliar territory. Our League offers two social gatherings annually to welcome new transfer members to the League and to the Gainesville community. These are excellent opportunities to meet new and current members of the League, and to better understand ways to get involved within the League.

Mentorship Program:
New to the Junior League of Gainesville, the League’s mentorship program pairs incoming first-year active members with sustaining members, members who have served in a leadership role and/or members who have been in the League for 5+ years. Mentor and mentee applications are due in late fall and matching occurs in February. Each mentorship class runs from spring to spring. Whether you are looking for ways to become involved in the Gainesville community, leadership opportunities within the League, or are interested in networking, the mentorship program is a great fit for you.

Meal Train Program:
If you are welcoming a new child into the world, are grieving the loss of a loved one, or are in need of a helping hand, the League offers meal trains to those in need. Meal train requests can be submitted through an online form or can be emailed directly to the member outreach committee. No matter the reason, our League is focused on your well-being and serves as a support system for you and your loved ones.