2020-21 Board of Directors

Jhanna Gilbert

Stephanie Frank


Lacie Klann

Abigail Antigua

Stacy Lang

Alex Henry

Active Member-at-Large
Megan MacPherson


Ali Brighton

Karen Pearson

Diversity and Inclusion Member-at-Large
Stefani Nixon

2020-21 Management Team

Stephanie Frank

Demetrica Tyson

Communications Council VP
Jacqueline Bauer

Charity Provancal-Black

Funding Council VP
Ann Stoy

Mindy Cross

Assistant Finance Council VP
Cali Sanford

Membership Council VP
Erica Owen

Sustainer VP
Kara Winslow

Education & Training Chair
Sherry Brown

Donor Relations Coordinator
Charlotte DeLaune
cecile sandsJLG Office Administrator
Cecile M. Sands